Nathan R. Lander

Nathan Lander is a senior counsel in the Insurance Recovery & Counseling Group. He has more than a decade of experience in counseling business policyholders and representing them in coverage disputes with their insurance carriers. Nate’s extensive experience enables him to guide clients through the lifetime of their insurance needs — from counseling them regarding obtaining insurance in the first instance to zealously representing them in recovering when a claim arises.

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Nate’s insurance recovery practice is national in scope. He has represented policyholders in coverage litigations in more than a dozen states, and helped policyholders recover more than a billion dollars from their insurers.

During his career, Nate has represented policyholders in connection with nearly every type of insurance including directors and officers, professional liability, commercial general liability, credit risk, marine and life, among others. Because of this extensive insurance experience, he has been recognized twice as a “Rising Star” in the insurance area by New York Super Lawyers.

Nate has particular experience in representing financial institutions and other clients engaged in financial services. He regularly represents investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and other financial services clients, as well as their directors and officers, both in counseling as to their insurance needs and seeking coverage under directors and officers and errors and omissions policies. 

Another area in which Nate has significant experience is representing clients in litigation related to the life settlement market. Along with frequently counseling clients on legal issues, he has represented clients in dozens of cases across the country in which insurance companies challenged the validity of life insurance policies. Many of these cases have involved legal issues of first impression, with significant importance to the life settlement industry.

In addition to his insurance litigation experience, Nate has served as a Public Service Attorney for the Manhattan Tort Division in the Office of the Corporation Counsel of the City of New York. In that position, he was lead trial counsel in numerous cases brought against the City of New York in Supreme Court, New York County, as well as in Kings County. He defended the city as lead trial counsel in a variety of cases, ranging from allegations of negligence by city employees to allegations of police misconduct.


Nate frequently advises clients on risk management issues, including structuring of insurance programs and the negotiation and drafting of policy language. He has advised hedge funds, private equity firms and other corporate clients with respect to their obtaining of directors and officers and errors and omissions coverage.

In addition, Nate regularly advises clients on insurance-related issues in the context of various corporate transactions. For example, he has advised or assisted when insurance questions arise in due diligence in connection with mergers and acquisitions, purchase agreements, indentures, swaps, private placement memoranda and other transactions.

Representative engagements Nate has handled include:

Insurance coverage:

  • Fortune 500 bank in prosecuting several actions to recover hundreds of millions of dollars under bankers' professional liability policies
  • Numerous insurance trusts in lawsuits against life insurers throughout the United States. These cases have involved nearly a billion dollars in coverage, numerous legal issues of first impression and important industrywide economic and business issues.

  • Numerous marine companies in prosecuting multimillion-dollar lawsuits for recovery under mutual insurance policies

  • Major technology company in arbitration to recover tens of millions of dollars under credit risk policy

  • Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company in prosecuting litigation against insurance carriers for breach of their obligations under liability policies and settlement agreements


  • Lead trial counsel for the City of New York in numerous trials in which the city was a defendant, including actions for false arrest and assault by the police; negligence by the city in maintaining sidewalk or street conditions; and negligence by various types of city employees